The purpose of the Battery2Beach route is to increase Charleston area livability, as well as contribute to better health and economy through increasing pathways and connectivity.


The Battery2Beach route network provides approximately 32 miles of mixed-use transportation paths, while connecting five local municipalities and three area beaches. It is intended for both commuter and recreational use, residents and visitors alike. At its core, B2B is an initiative designed to instigate social change; in not only the way that traffic patterns and recreation are conducted, but how citizens will benefit from having a greater public use infrastructure. In recent years, the Charleston area has experienced higher rates for use of bicycles and other forms of transportation, which is especially apparent in the Downtown area. A quarter of local households bicycle frequently, while 3% of the working population commutes daily via bicycle and 6% commute by walking—and the numbers are growing (Coastal Conservation League, 2012). Cities across America have already begun to experience the great number of benefits that mixed-use infrastructure can provide including:

  • Benefits to overall health
  • Decrease in air and runoff pollution
  • Increased connectivity and mobility
  • Increased safety
  • Alleviation of congested traffic
  • Positive impacts on local economy
  • Increased overall livability